Arnold Palmer in Downtown Lancaster

Yesterday afternoon (July 5th) there was a public event held at the square for the 2015 US Women’s Open, which will be held at Lancaster Country Club, andĀ Arnold Palmer was to be introduced as the Honorary Chairman of the event. I decided I’d take a walk downtown to see what the event was all about and see if I could catch a glimpse of Arnie.


I got there right as the ceremony was beginning at 4:30PM with the Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett speaking. After a few words from the governor, Palmer was introduced and spoke for just a couple minutes. Basically, he talked about what a great event it would be for the county and encouraged the crowd to come out next summer and support the event.

The crowd wasn’t terribly large. I don’t think it was more than maybe 200 people at most, but there was plenty of news cameras recording the event. I was able to snap a few photos and event took a short video of Palmer speaking.

Apparently there was to be some music after the speeches, but I left after Arnold was done speaking. All told I only stuck around for about 10 minutes, but it was worth the walk downtown on a nice sunny day to get glimpse of Arnold Palmer.