SKH “Under the Tent” Rib Fest

Last summer after picking up a few items at the Stauffers of Kissel Hill in Roherstown, I walked by their “Tent” in the parking lot and got a whiff of something wonderful smoking on the grill. Ribs. I rarely eat ribs, but for whatever reason I couldn’t resist on that day. I jumped in line and bought myself an order of ribs and a baked potato. It was fantastic. Ever since that experience, I keep an eye on their weekly menu and stop by on occasion. (more…)

Subway Ran Out of…. Lettuce? lolwut

I stopped into a local Subway this evening. It’s the Subway on Columbia Ave in the same strip mall as the Giant, Taco Bell, and Starbucks. (I can rarely remember the names of malls for some reason). As I walked in the door, an employee greeted me from behind the counter with a typical “Welcome to Subway…”, which she followed with an apology explaining that that were out of italian bread and pepperoni, so if I wanted something with those two items I was out of luck.