This is my collection of thoughts, opinions, predictions, and musings on all things related to the Philadelphia Eagles.

How I Watched the 2014 NFL Draft

This was my setup during Round 1 of the NFL Draft… I had ESPN’s coverage streaming on my iPad (I much prefer the NFL Network, but Comcast doesn’t let you stream that network yet), on the larger second monitor of my laptop, and switching back and forth between and (mostly, though) on the main screen of my laptop.


Thoughts on Desean Jackson’s Release by the Eagles

The Eagles released WR Desean Jackson a few days ago and much of the media discussion has centered around an article that rather loosely connects Jackson to gang members with criminal records. Other media members have pointed to his 2013 stat line and asked “How can you get rid of a guy with those stats?” Or they have pointed to the oft repeated line “he takes the top off the defense” and in doing so have contended (overtly or otherwise) that the reason Riley Cooper and other players had good years was a direct result of defenses paying so much attention to Desean Jackson. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the move… [Continue Reading…]