My name is Andrew Gehman and this is my personal web journal. I'm a web developer, Philadelphia sports fan, Fantasy Sports enthusiast, and friend to all cats. It's here that I share my thoughts on stuff that may quite possibly be of interest to no one but me.

Masters 2015 Monday Practice Round

Here’s an overview of the visit to the Monday 2015 practice round that my father and I attended. 

As you walk onto the grounds, the beauty of the place is immediately apparent. It is, as you might guess, immaculately manicured and the grass is about as perfect and green as you could possibly imagine.

The driving range and practice chipping area are to the left.  As we walked up we saw Bernhard Langer and Keegan Bradley chipping to the practice greens. Langer was flipping these 20-30 yard chips over a high bunker to a far pin and every one he hit was within a few feet. It was pretty impressive.

Bernhard Langer chipping at the practice area of the Masters.

Bernhard Langer chipping at the practice area of the Masters.

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Snow Covered Musser Park

This winter or 2015 has been cold and miserable and I am ready for the end of the season. Still, winter will at times provide some nice scenery. I took this image of a snowy Musser Park a year or two ago. I remember it being a very calm and quiet Saturday morning and I was returning from Central Market with a couple bag full of produce.

Winter in Musser Park

Winter in Musser Park

Arnold Palmer in Downtown Lancaster

Yesterday afternoon (July 5th) there was a public event held at the square for the 2015 US Women’s Open, which will be held at Lancaster Country Club, and Arnold Palmer was to be introduced as the Honorary Chairman of the event. I decided I’d take a walk downtown to see what the event was all about and see if I could catch a glimpse of Arnie.


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Wild Raspberries at Overlook Park

Don’t these look good! I noticed these wild raspberries (at least, I think they are raspberries) growing at Overlook Park. I didn’t pick any, but it’s something to think about next time I go running there.


Celebrate Lancaster 2014

I was downtown to check out the festivities for Celebrate Lancaster early in the day. I was there right around 11:30 when the event began and there wasn’t much going on yet. I did stop in at Isaac’s for a sandwich, though.


As you can see, Lancaster Cupcake was setup out in front of Isaac’s with a variety of trucks and food tents set up all the was down N. Queen St to Binn’s Park. I didn’t stick around long and ended up being in bed before the fireworks show.